Clintondale schools have received 4 threats in a month -- What will stop it?

Clintondale schools have been the target of four threats in the past month.

Oct. 24 there was a lockdown and an airsoft gun was found in a student's backpack at Clintondale High School. On Nov. 10, a bomb threat against the school was made in an email. On Nov. 14, there was another school threat, over the weekend there were two threats regarding a YouTube video about school shootings.

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The superintendent has been in constant communication with parents, instructing them to teach their students that school threats are taken seriously.

Jared Maynard was recently elected to the Clintondale School Board and takes office Jan. 1. He says things have to change.

"The school board can expel people. When you put the safety ofyour fellow students, and all of our teachers, and all of our administrators, and all of our staff at risk, we're not gonna have you in school," he said.

Maynard says the school board needs to take a more proactive approach to stop school threats.  

"The board currently has the FBI coming in to talk to the students about the threats and the seriousness of these threats, and I think we should provide training to our staff so that they can understand and see a problematic student more quickly, and then we can get that student help quicker and work on whatever mental issues they may be having," he said.

Maynard said students who make threats need to be expelled.