Students facing potential charges after separate threats made toward Clintondale schools

Only two weeks after it was locked down over a bomb threat, a Macomb County school district was forced to suspend two more students over threats made toward the school this weekend.

Clintondale Schools emailed parents over the weekend after two threats were reported, one involving a post made on social media and the other one a video that was posted on YouTube. Both students are now facing potential charges for the threats.

Nearly a year since the tragic mass shooting at Oxford Community Schools on Nov. 30, threats made against districts have skyrocketed. Draining resources and disrupting class, prosecutors have since considered harsher punishments for the students - and their families.

According to the letter from Clintondale faculty, the first threat was made by a 10th grade student on Saturday who posted a hit list that included their principal. The second threat, also reported on Saturday came after a student posted a video on YouTube about school shootings. 

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The video was sent to high school administration who gave it to police. 

The parents of both students were notified their kids were no longer allowed at the district. The letter also encouraged parents to talk to their kids about the consequences of posting the kind of threats that have since been reported. School is expected to resume Monday.


Last week, Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido said he would be using a different approach to the cases - one that involves the parents paying for the threats made by their children.

"Talk to your kids and say don't make me pay for something so stupid as this," he said. "Tell your students right now, your children, you have an obligation to go ahead and take care of your kids. But you also have an obligation for those acts that have consequences of paying back the cities, the townships, and the villages for all of this excess, that other parents shouldn't be paying."