Covid hospitalizations rise in Michigan, but hospitals aren't overwhelmed by virus

COVID-19 hospitalizations are up in two dozen states, including Michigan, according to Becker's Hospital Review.

Hospitalizations have risen 13% in the past two weeks. Cases are also up ip in Michigan.

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Dr. Matthew Sims, the director of Infectious Disease at Beaumont, said the health system is seeing an increase in cases system-wide, but paying attention to the hospitalizations is important.

"Hospitalizations is a much more important number — hospitalizations, deaths — much more important number in terms of impact on the health care system. In terms of how sick people are getting," he said. "There’s a lot of people who have some sort of protection, and that may be enough to keep them out of the hospital and getting very, very sick."

Sims said Beaumont isn't overwhelmed with Covid patients right now.

The Michigan Department Of Health And Human Services, which will release the state’s new Covid numbers Wednesday, said in a statement: "While we wish we could avoid these types of increases in cases, the good news is we have excellent, effective tools to travel safely and gather with loved ones and prevent severe outcomes from covid-19."

State health leaders encourage people and families to have a Covid plan, which includes having tests and masks at home, and talking to your doctor about vaccines.

In Oakland County, the health department continues to meet with schools, businesses, and people in vulnerable communities.

"What we really want Oakland cCunty to really keep in mind is that we are not out of the woods just yet. We just went through spring break. There was a lot of domestic and international travel. So, we expected to see some rise in cases," said Calandra Green, the county health officer.