'Criminals don't care about the law': Activists protest gun-free zone proposal downtown

There is a push to make the city of Detroit a gun-free zone and it is facing some backlash, Gun rights advocates say establishing gun-free zones in parts of downtown would be a big mistake.

A violent weekend earlier last month is what sparked the gun-free zone idea, which has been spearheaded by Councilwoman Mary Waters. In recent years during warmer weather, violence has ramped up,

The night of April 12th four people were shot and one person killed - that death being popular security guard Daryll Straughter, 48.

So since then, there are some new metal detectors downtown. A group of gun rights activists are sounding the alarm on the dangers of making downtown a gun-free zone, meaning, criminals would ignore the directive anyway.

"We are gathered here to say that a difference in laws based on where you live - it's wrong, it is unjust, and it is inherently, historically racist," said Ector. "People have a right to be safe everywhere. Disarming people and making it more likely that they will be victims of violent crime is not the answer."

Activist Scott Boman also attended the protest.

"The fact of the matter is, that criminals do not care about the law," he said. "And if we set up checkpoints on public streets that's another thing. Now we're talking about search and seizure rights."

The gun-rights activists wanted to raise awareness to the issue.

Others including some city council members, think a gun-free zone would be a positive first step toward making the downtown safer.

The decision has multiple layers of red tape to maneuver before it makes its way to reality.