Cutting some calories could be key to happier life

What can improve you mood, your sleep and your sex life? Cutting some calories may be the answer.

New research says losing a little weight is good for you in so many ways. A new, two-year study published with the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine finds that even when healthy weight people lose weight it improves mood, sleep and sexual function.

St. John Macomb cardiologist Dr. Sindhu Koshy says we may think about how we look in a swimsuit, but the changes that happen on the inside are even more remarkable.

"Losing five to 10 pounds and you don't have to do it in just a couple of weeks, even in an extended period of time - you can decrease blood pressure and decrease your cholesterol," she said. "Overall, making your heart healthier."

That’s where FOX 2's 21 day challenge comes in to help. You can find information on that here, including:

The 5 Dos


-Lean proteins


-Whole grains


And 5 Don'ts:



-White flour products

-Fried foods


"As a doctor and even for myself, I need simple steps too," said  Koshy . "The harder it is to do, the easier it is to give up."

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