Dads Against Predators group confronts man trying to allegedly meet 13-year-old in Harrison Township

Robert Lee is a self-styled vigilante who works to expose child predators.

"It’s the same story every time," he said.

Video of his latest confrontation shows the suspect, Sinan Kalemaj claiming "I didn't meet no little girl."

But text messages, say otherwise - allegedly from Sinan Kalemaj to a 13-year-old female decoy. He is 27.

"The cell phone is like the new white van, the guy with the candy in it - that’s this now," he said, holding up his cell phone.

Lee and the group "Dads Against Predators" in their latest sting, luring would-be predators on chat apps. This time using the app "Meet Me."

A sample of their explicit messages shows that clearly he knows the decoy is 13 – but, then a shirtless pic was sent, followed by discussions about what they’d do, after meeting up in the pop aisle at a Harrison Township Kroger this month.

Video of the confrontation was posted to Facebook.

Lee: "Who are you here to meet?"

"Nobody," Kalemaj said.

Lee says the man denied it.

"Like everybody else, he said he didn’t know the girl was 13, he didn’t come to do anything and he panicked and he ran off."

In the recording he would tell the vigilantes – that he was only meeting up with the girl to tell her to leave him alone.

Eventually – he called the police on himself.

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An investigation by the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office – led to six felony charges for child sexually abusive activity and using a computer to commit a crime.

"I can appreciate anyone who wants to protect children - why wouldn’t we," said Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido.

Lucido backs the vigilantes - but urges caution.

"I know the predators in all forms," said Lee.

FOX 2 first introduced you to Robert Lee last year after his sting led to charges against an Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy – who has since been fired. Investigators say the 33-year-old former deputy was negotiating sex acts with Robert posing as a 15-year-old girl on the app "Whisper."

"They're lurking around on the internet, they’re lurking on video games," he said. "Anywhere your kids can be contacted on."

Sinan Kalemaj

Sinan Kalemaj