Dearborn bank robbery suspect found hiding in port-a-potty, passed note to teller to ‘smile’

A Dearborn bank robbery suspect was arrested last week after authorities said he was caught hiding in a port-a-potty just a couple of blocks away from the robbery.

According to a probable cause filed in Wayne County, Charles Woolery was charged with armed bank robbery after he was arrested on March 2. 

The court paperwork states Woolery walked into Dearborn Federal Savings Bank on Michigan Ave on March 2, implied he had a weapon, and gave the teller a note that said to ‘smile’ and hand over money.

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Specifically, the note read "SMILE PUT ALL $10-$20-$50-$100 IN BAG NO DYE PACK, NO GPS, DO NOT HIT ALARM TIL I LEAVE OR I WILL KILL EVERYONE", according to the court filing.

The teller complied and handed over roughly $1,690 in cash. 

Police in Dearborn arrested a man they said robbed a bank and then hid inside of a port-a-potty.

Video from inside the bank showed a suspect in khaki coveralls, a black beanie, and wearing a black face mask. 

Police tracked the suspect with surveillance cameras out of the bank, past a hotel, and into a parking lot. In the parking lot was a green port-a-potty, which police said he entered. Police then surrounded the portable toilet and he came out and was arrested without further incident.

When he came out, however, he was wearing a blue Lions hoodie and the coveralls were on the floor of the port-a-potty.

Police also said they found $1,690 in cash in his hoodie. Police said found a black beanie, black mask, and the note.

Woolery was charged with armed robbery and, when informed of the charges, police said he responded "But I didn't have a gun on me." 

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Officials said a man in a Carhartt style coverall robbed a bank with a note telling the teller to smile