Deputy gives Dream Cruise driver a spanking after he did burnout on Woodward

Although the Woodward Dream Cruise went off without a hitch, a few participants got a little out of hand - and one deputy has raised eyebrows with how he dealt with it.

Remnants of the 2023 cruise – remain, burnout tire marks, for example. But one naughty driver showing off on Woodward got a spanking - from a police officer and it was caught on video.

"I thought he said 'Put your hands behind your back,' - So I put my hands behind my back and he goes, 'No, bend over ...' and I'm like," said Zack Walker.

Walker, 18, was with some buddies cruising Woodward.

FOX 2: "Were you showing off at the Dream Cruise?"

"It's a 2005 Chevy Duramax (pickup truck)," Walker said.

It's loud, powerful and fast - with plenty of modifications.

"Bigger injectors, different turbo, high flow kit," he said.

Zack was along burnout row, in Pontiac on Friday and the teen just couldn’t help himself.

"I was telling most people no then this one guy got the peer pressure out of me and I'm like, 'Alright - I'll do a little one," he said.

And it happened right in front of a deputy – oops.

"The officer stepped out in front of me," he said. "And put his hand on my hood and said,  'Sir can you get out of the vehicle for me?' I'm like, 'great.'"

Zack lumbered out – bracing for impact. I didn’t realize he’d be bracing for a spanking.

It gave a whole new meaning to "SWAT' officer. In this case, it was actually a reserve deputy with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

"I grew up in a household where being spanked was what happened if you did something wrong," said Walker. "So I took it that way. I bent over and he spanked me and said 'Don't do burnouts again.'"

The crowd laughed, but as the video circulates on social media, there have been mixed reviews. Zack feels that in this case, the embarrassment was much better than a ticket.

"If he was watching I'd say thank you, really," he said.

A spokesperson with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office says they’re aware of the video and are reviewing the reserve deputy’s conduct.