Detroit 8-year-old in extremely critical condition after being shot in head

An 8-year-old was shot in the head by an unsecured firearm inside a Detroit home Tuesday.

Detroit Police Chief James White said the child was in extremely critical condition and was undergoing surgery after being struck. Preliminary information from the shooting revealed that police were only contacted to the scene 30 minutes after the child was struck.

The firearm used in the shooting has also not been located, White said.

"None of that really makes sense," he said, explaining four adults had been in the house during the shooting, but all four said they were asleep when it happened. 

The shooting happened in the 14800 block of Snowden on Detroit's west side. 

According to White, Child Protective Services had been out at the address weeks prior to check in on the care that the kids were receiving. 

"It's a tragic, sad situation. We've been here too many times," White said. "But here we are again. It didn't have to happen, we didn't have to have another young child in our community shot and we should be sick and appalled of it."

There were four kids in the house during the shooting, ranging in age from 1 to 8 years old. It's unclear if the victim shot them self or was struck by another kid.

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It's also unclear where the weapon was initially found before being discharged.

White also said one of the adults that was in the home had previously been arrested for illegally carrying a firearm, who frequently carries weapons, and owns multiple guns at the residence where the child was shot.