Detroit Alerts 365: How to receive important notifications from the city

Detroit's new emergency alert system will send notifications to your phone or email about important information.

Detroit Alerts 365 will notify residents about weather alerts, missing people, evacuations, boil water advisories, and other safety alerts based on their address. There is also an app that will allow residents to be notified about messages in their current location, including areas outside of Detroit if that city uses the alert system.

Alerts can be received via call, text, and/or email.

"The system is only as good as the number of people that sign up to receive the messages. That's why encourage everyone to sign up for the free service," said Hilton Kincaid, the head of Detroit's Homeland Security and Emergency Management. 

To begin receiving notifications, download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app or sign up online here. If you use the app, your login information will be different than the online version.