Detroit boy's missing emotional support dog found safe after being gone for 71 days

Little Abi’s emotional support dog, Noodles, has been found after being missing for more than 71 days.

After an exhausting search and countless false sightings, Noodles was finally found.

"I’m checking the ears; the ears are floppy enough. I’m checking the nose, the splotches on the nose and the mouth are correct, and I couldn’t believe it… somebody actually found Noodles," said Edgar Cardenas, Abi's dad.      

It was just a few days after Noodles' story was featured on FOX 2. A viewer saw her in the area of Evergreen and Lyndon in Detroit and recognized her from the story.

"Abi came in and said we have Noodles - Abi don’t say that and then I noticed his eyes were shining - do you really have Noodles? We do," said Sandra Rodegher, Abi's mom.

Noodles had slipped from her fenced backyard. Several witnesses say they saw someone pick her up, put her in a car, and drive away.

"The level of gratitude and thankfulness to all the people who helped, we can’t express," said Edgar.

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