Detroit District 4 residents reporting brown, rusty water; water department investigating

The Detroit sewage department is investigating reports that residents in Detroit's Fourth district are finding "brown, rusty water" in their sinks and toilets.

People that live in eastside neighborhoods in Cornerstone Village, East English Village, and Morningside were told to check their faucet if they saw similar colors in their water and were advised not to drink or wash their clothes in it.

"The rust color is due to a disruption in the water pipes serving these neighborhoods causing sediment to enter the customer taps," read a release from the city's Fourth District.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department said the rust color was due to a disruption in the water pipes that services those neighborhoods and sediment managing to leak into customer's lines.

If residents do find rusty, brown water in their home, they're asked to run it for two minutes before reporting to DWSD. The number to call is (313) 267-8000.

Boiling water will not have an effect on the problem.

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The discolored water is the latest case of plumbing issues in Detroit after the city was submerged in seven inches of rain over the weekend. The storm-soaked end of June has flooded freeways, damaged basements, and recharged frustration over the city's outdated plumbing systems.

The current discoloration is only impacting those specific neighborhoods, according to DWSD.