Detroit freeway shootings lead police to form new investigation team

A new police investigation team is focusing on solving violent crimes on Detroit freeways.

The Freeway Investigative Support Team, formed on May 1, responded to several freeway shootings, assaults, and a human trafficking investigation. It also assisted with a murder investigation in Royal Oak Township during its first month.

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Police have been strategizing a way to curb violence on freeways, including adding license plate readers (LPR) to some stretches of road to help track down suspects and meetings between agencies focused on coming up with solutions.

"With this team, LPRs, and other resources it is our hope that suspects that choose to commit crimes on our freeways realize they will be caught and prosecuted," Michigan State Police F/Lt. Mike Shaw said. "This is another way we are helping build a Michigan where everyone feels safe and secure."

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Police said dedicating a special team to these freeway crimes will also allow more officers to focus on other crimes and patrols.