Detroit home explosion sends family with three kids to emergency room

Tuesday was proceeding like any other day when a terrifying moment shook the neighborhood on Seven Mile in Detroit, sending one family running for their lives in fear. 

Frank Bethea, the family's father, described it like a grenade going off in the home. 

"In the blink of an eye, everything just caving in on us," he said.

It's been three days since the explosion leveled the home on Barlow Street, leaving debris strewn around the neighborhood. Bethea's daughter Miracle Lewis was injured by glass that ricocheted into the home.

"I was right by the window where it happened and a lot of glass fell on me," she said. 

Bethea and Joelle Chavious have three kids they care for who were all hospitalized from the explosion.

"They had me ride in an ambulance with one kid. They had me go in one emergency room with one kid," said Chavious.

The explosion happened with so much force that it damaged the family's home and forced them to move into a motel. While they pick up the pieces of horrifying scene, they're left with a question:

"How did all this happen?" asked Chavious.


Ann Arbor home explosion caused by propane use inside house, says fire chief

"I got a cup of coffee, went down to the basement to work on my stamp collection and heard the explosion," said neighbor Fred Hutchinson. "The house literally shook, the windows rattled.

In a statement DTE had this to say about the house where the explosion took place:

"The home has not had active natural gas service since December. Wednesday's investigation revealed all of DTE's equipment and service was in working order, but the home had unauthorized use of natural gas."

Looking over her kids' injuries Chavious said a squatter was staying in the abandoned home before it blew up. If they had anything to do with explosion, she said she wants them caught and in jail.

"Me and my husband went in our house that night. All we did was hold one each other and cried," said Chavious.

As the family tries to cope they say they continue to count their blessings as they move forward.

A gofundme has also been set up to help them out with expenses