Detroit Police Chief says they know serial killer's signature

The Detroit Police Department says it knows the signature of an east side serial killer - but they're not sharing it.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig talked to FOX 2 on Thursday, one day after announcing that the department was looking for a serial killer targeting women in their 50s who worked the streets. Craig is still urging all members of sex trade to be cautious but would not provide more information about who their suspect may be.

"We do not (have a profile). Except we know his signature," Craig said.


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Out of a concern of inspiring copycat, Craig would not reveal that trademark signature - and would not say if they've collected DNA.

Craig said that it doesn't matter where these women are from or what they do - they don't deserve what's happened. 

Tips have already started coming into the Detroit Police Department since Craig announced the serial rapist and killer on Wednesday. 

"If he is watching, we're going to find you," Craig said.

Craig announced the search for the serial killer Wednesday, saying that sex workers were being targeted on the city's east side.

Nancy Harrison, 52, is the first known victim. She was found naked and bludgeoned inside an abandoned home on Detroit's east side back on March 19. 

On May 24, police made another gruesome discovery, finding 53-year-old Trevesene Ellis' body in an empty house on the 13000 block of Linnhurst near Seven Mile and Schoenherr.

And on Wednesday, police found a third sex worker. She was also naked and dead inside of a vacant home on on the 3000 block of Mack.

All three women were raped before they were murdered.

"This suspect is luring his victims into abandoned homes - so this is a way of saying be cautious don't go into abandoned homes to commit your illicit act. Don't do it," Craig said.

Anyone who may have encountered a situation like this or knows anything about what happened is asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.