Detroit Police hold recruiting event for 10th precinct at Knox Park

The Detroit Police Department held a recruiting event Saturday for the 10th precinct at Knox Park.

"Please come out and just interact with us for the community," said Detroit Police Commander Tiffany Stewart. 

The event included food, bounce houses, bike giveaways, and more for potential recruits and the Detroit community.

"We all need each other. I need you all you need us. We need to come together and make sure we can drive down some of the crime, " said Stewart. 

Police say there was a rare opportunity to meet members of the command staff to ask candid questions, learn, and communicate with police force members.

"Folks that are looking for a job, looking for a career change, had any questions about what it would be like to be a part of the Detroit police department," said Captain Aric Tosqui.

Officials say historically, DPD recruiting has been lower in numbers, and because of other factors like the pandemic and highlights on police brutality, these recurring events are important. 

DPD will be holding recruiting events for each precinct, and they are hiring for all positions, officials say.