Detroit rapper drops new song after car trashed at Livonia collision shop

A Detroit rapper's newest song calls out his insurance company and a Livonia collision shop after his car was damaged even more at the business.

Byron Motley Jr., 29, better known as Beezy313, said his car was broken into while he was at a club in Downtown Detroit in August. That left him with a broken sunroof, so he called his insurance company to make a claim.

Liberty Mutual sent him to Gerber Collision in Livonia. 

Now, the sunroof isn't fixed and the inside of the Cadillac is trashed, so Motley took to social media.

The insurance company didn't respond to FOX 2's calls, but it did tell Motley they would pay him for the car.

"Twenty-five hundred at first, and then offered me $3,000," he said.

Motley said the car, which is important to him because his grandmother rode in it before she died, is worth more than $7,000.

Gerber told Motley on social media that they are looking into the issue.