Detroit teen charged with murder of 15-year-old at gas station in January

Charges have been issued against a teen suspect believed to have fatally shot a 15-year-old Detroit male in early January at a gas station.

Mekhi Green, 16, was arrested by Detroit police on Jan. 29 and he is expected to be arraigned on charges of first-degree murder and other felonies for the killing of Robert Harris.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged Green as an adult, calling his actions "unspeakable, premeditated violence."

Green was named a person of interest early on in the case following the death of Harris, who was shot dead on Jan. 7.

The alleged murder happened around 7:30 p.m. at a gas station on E Seven Mile Road in Detroit. According to prosecutors, it's alleged that Green saw the victim and his brother walking into the store when he fired a shot in their direction. Green was reportedly struck in the buttocks area.

Video from the incident showing Green attempting to shoot again, but his weapon jammed and he ran outside.

He then came back inside where he found the teen victim helpless and injured on the floor.

"It is alleged that Green stood over the victim, firing his gun five times at close range, fatally wounding the victim," a news release from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said.

He then fled. 

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Harris' mother told FOX 2 that the fatal shooting spiraled from an argument online. She believes a boy he got into a fight with a few weeks before Christmas saw that picture, recognized where he was, and went to the gas station to confront him.

"(He) didn't want to throw up (fists), but you picked up a gun," said Tasneed Sherrod.

Green also faces charges of felony firearm and assault with intent to murder. He's expected to be arraigned around 10 a.m. in the 36th District Court.