Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons games will stream on Amazon due to bankruptcy deal

Sports fans will soon be able to stream some of their favorite teams on Prime Video as part of a restructuring agreement between Diamond Sports and Amazon.

Amazon will partner with Diamond Sports as the largest owner of regional sports networks looks to emerge from bankruptcy. 

Diamond owns 18 networks under the Bally Sports banner. Those networks have the rights to 37 professional teams — 11 baseball, 15 NBA and 11 NHL. That includes Detroit's Red Wings, Pistons, and Tigers

But do fans think this deal is a slam dunk?

"It’s nice to see our good Detroit teams playing on Amazon," said 12-year-old Miguel Chappa. "I think it’s really good what they’re doing. I’m pretty excited for it." 

Some lifelong fans say they also cannot wait to see it.

"Amazon’s cheap already, it’s like 12 bucks and you get all three on one," said Eugene Begeman. "It would be a no-brainer to do that." 

A source tells FOX 2 that the games will still air on cable; Prime Video is just another option to watch.

"Well if they do anything similar with what they do with football, that might be a good thing," said Tony Frank, another sports fan. "They offer some interesting statistics, but I think at the same time it’s going to be tough for people who have to pay for it." 

Diamond Sports has been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in the Southern District of Texas since it filed for protection last March. The company said in a late 2021 financial filing that it had debt of $8.67 billion.


Amazon to stream Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons games after bankruptcy deal

Amazon will partner with Diamond Sports to help stream Detroit sports like the Red Wings, Pistons, and Tigers after a bankruptcy deal.

The agreement with Diamond Sports’ largest creditors allows it to emerge from bankruptcy, continue operations and prevents a total collapse of the regional sports network system where the NBA, NHL and MLB would have to step in to take over production and distribution of most of their teams.

While money contributed to the formation of the new deal, it is also the reason one fan is expressing opposition to it.

"All they’re doing is asking for more money. That’s all it is. I mean we already have the NFL on Peacock and everything," said James Leslie, a Detroit sports fan. "No one likes that, so who’s going to like Amazon?"

The Detroit teams affected by this deal include the Red Wings, Pistons, and Tigers