Detroit's 36th District Court judge accused of abusing court powers

Detroit 36th District Court Judge Kahlilia Davis was accused in a report by the Judicial tenure Commission, for misconduct on the bench, and abusing court powers. 

Davis was first in the hot seat in 2017 after a Fox 2's Problem Solver investigation, for not showing up to work. 

A new report by the Commission, says that Davis abused or contempt of court powers, and interfered in the work and livelihood of a process server for the court, even lying under oath.  In 2020, the Michigan Supreme Court suspended Davis for failing to keep a video record of the court cases in violation of Michigan Court rules. 

The complaint released Wednesday is the second time since 2020 that Davis has been accused by the state's watchdog agency for judges.

While the commission's March 2020 complaint focused on charges that Davis held court proceedings without the hearings properly on record, Wednesday's, which is considered an amendment to the 2020 case, is a seven-count alleges a broader range of misconduct. The report 59 pages long.

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The commission will recommend discipline as it forwards the case to the Michigan Supreme Court, which will decided what, if any, discipline is issued.

Davis was suspended in June 2020 by the Michigan Supreme Court due to the nature of the allegations, and has not been on the bench since.