Detroit's walkable downtown ready for incoming summer events

The summer of 2020 was supposed to be the year that Detroit's downtown was showcased for the Auto Show, fireworks, and more. But we all know what happened that spring.

Two years later, the city is ready. We're officially two months away from the Motor City revving its engine. It starts with the last summer the Grand Prix is on Belle Isle, a month later is the fireworks show, then the 2022 North American international Auto Show in September.

Rod Alberts with the Detroit Auto Dealers Association said they're ready for the crowds.

"We have some big plans, whether it be charity preview night, we have that organized, we have a big entertainment factor that goes into that - which we can’t announce but we will soon, we’re gonna make that announcement in the next month and make sure that everybody is involved. We bring it together and come out of this thing in a big way to make this summer activity a good time for all," Alberts said.

The 2021 show was also canceled because of the pandemic.

Alberts is excited about not just the auto show but everything else that’s coming back to the city, including the Concours d’Elegance, which is moving from Plymouth to downtown Detroit.

"We want to partner with Events. In January, when we had the show back then, we had an indoor the whole time - now will be outdoors, and having Concourse d’Elegance at the other outdoor events we can partner with actually as a complement to the show. And the more walkable, the better. We’re a downtown built for that," Alberts said.

The walkable downtown has suffered during the pandemic, but restaurants are about to get a shot in the arm for profits.

"We are going to partner with the restaurant association, too, downtown. That's just one of many, many organizations they can get together with, because the more we work together in the community and in the city, and the charity‘s, the restaurants we want to help out too . When people come downtown, they don’t just go to the auto show, they don't want to just go to the grand prix, they’re going to the bars and restaurants, have a good time, socialize. That’s what people want to do, and that’s what Detroit is all about," Alberts said.