Disabled and retired police officer needs help finding lost dog

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A disabled and retired police officer needs help finding her missing German shepherd.

Lynette Zeno says her 3-year-old dog is so much more than a loyal companion. He was her best friend, her therapy dog, and means to a productive life.

"The only reason I move around is that dog. In my heart he protects me. He does a lot of things for me. He opens doors. He will bring me things. I taught him to do that,” said Zeno.

The 61-year-old native Detroiter served the city for 18 years as a police officer. However, two strokes have her partially paralyzed and forced into early retirement. She says the last three years were made a little easier thanks to her dog.

However, he escaped from the backyard on the morning of September 4th. The day her dog went missing, witnesses told Lynette they spotted him in various locations around 7 mile: near a checkers, a Home Depot and a mobile gas station.

Just one day later, her friend spotted a “found dog” post on social media. The post had a phone number and offered hope, but little else.

"Call this number it rings and rings and goes to a machine. No one answers this phone number," said Zeno.

When she’s not calling the number on the post, Zeno says she’s doing what she can to find her him.

"I drive around every morning looking for him. You still do? I do," said Zeno.

The dog is micro chipped so whoever has him can turn him into the police anonymously.

"Let's do the right thing and return my dog to me. I'm quite sure he misses me as much as I miss him."