Domino's driver killed in ambush at vacant Detroit home

A Domino's pizza delivery driver was making his final delivery of the night at a home on the city's west side on Tuesday. It wound up being an abandoned house where he was ambushed by two men and killed.

Patrick Higgins, 62, was shot and killed at that house at 16557 Lenore Street near Six Mile and Telegraph in Detroit. FOX 2 learned it's been in shambles for years. 

Lewis Ellis lives nearby and called 911 while he tried to save Higgins' life.

"The delivery guy was laying on the ground and the truck was in the middle of the driveway," Ellis said. "Right when I got on the phone, I was doing CRP and chest compressions for 5 minutes until EMS got here."

Detroit Police Commander Michael McGinnis said this is the third in a string of similar crimes at the home on Lenore Street - all with pizza delivery drivers targeted.

The first was last Saturday night when a Jet’s driver was robbed at gunpoint. On Monday, a Hungry Howie’s delivery man was targeted and then Higgins on Tuesday. All for a few dollars.

"It's not much. Nowhere near worth one taking someone's life or two going to prison for a long time," McGinnis said.

The two men could be behind other armed robberies in the area and police are notifying businesses to let them know what's happening.

"They stepped up patrols, sent out neighborhood police officers - they were going to pizza establishments to let them know this was going on so please use extra caution," he said.

Higgins was just trying to make some extra cash to cover bills. Like so many other drivers out there…the commander suggested drivers invest in a dash camera, to deter this from happening.  

"If the bad guy sees that they might decide to go a different direction because it would be on camera and they're going to get caught," he said.

The description of these suspects that Detroit POlice is giving to us is pretty vague but they are working on a suspect list built by input from neighbors out where this happened.