Patio Zones: Drink, stroll downtown Ferndale

Grab a drink and stroll downtown Ferndale!

The city introduced Patio Zones, where you can buy an alcoholic beverage, take it outside, and shop at participating businesses.

There are two zones -- the west zone and the east zone. 

The west zone includes Woodward between W. Saratoga and Breckenridge, 9 Mile between Schiffer Park, and W. Troy between Allen and Woodward, as well as public alleys in this area.

The east zone includes Woodward between E. Lewiston and E. Saratoga, Vester between Woodward and Bermuda, and 9 Mile between Woodward and Leland, and public alleys.

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Ferndale Patio Zones allow you to take your drink outside while you walk downtown and visit businesses. (Photo: Downtown Ferndale)

You must stay in the zone where you purchased your drink, which will come in a special Patio Zone cup. Crossing Woodward with a drink is not allowed, and drinks cannot be taken on private properties or parking lots.

Participating businesses in the west zone include Anita’s Kitchen, Assiggi Bistro, Brooks Brewing, Corner, Grill & Detroit Axe, The Rust Belt Market, and The Oakland. East zone businesses include J’s Penalty Box and Valentine Distilling Co. More businesses are expected to be announced soon.

The Patio Zones open Thursday and will be in effect from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays.

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