Drone Zone: The Stevie Wonder mural downtown Detroit

It's always fun to see something from a new perspective and for your latest Drone Zone, we're showing you the Steve Wonder mural downtown Detroit.

The mural is 100 feet tall -- much too tall to see all the details with the naked eye, but perfect to see with the Sky Fox Drone.

"Stevie Wonder. The GOAT," said Richard Wilson.

Wilson, based in London, started the painting in May but thanks to some active summer weather, he finished it just a couple of weeks ago.

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The mural spans nearly 8,000 square feet with vibrant colors, making the image really pop. Adapted from a famous photograph taken in 1976, the artwork takes up the whole side of the Musical Hall Center for Performing Arts on Brush Street.

Wilson pitched the idea for a Stevie Wonder mural and offered to pay for it himself. He has other works in Eastern Market, and all over the country.

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