Egypt Covington murder suspect sentenced to 15-25 years after guilty plea

Shane Lamar Evans, one of the three men charged in Egypt Covington's murder, received a 15- to 25-year prison sentence Thursday.

He also received 869 days credit for time served. Evans has been in custody since November 2020.

Evans was sentenced based on plea guidelines after pleading guilty to second-degree murder last month.

Shane Lamar Evans in court for his sentencing on May 4, 2023

Egypt was shot and killed inside her Van Buren Township home in June 2017.

During Evans' sentencing, Egypt's family members gave emotional testimony about the impact the loss had on them.

"A loss like this changes the DNA of a family like no one would ever expect," said her mother, Tina Covington.

According to previous court testimony, Egypt's duplex neighbor was out of town when Evans, Timothy Eugene Moore, and Shandon Ray Groom decided to break into his home and steal marijuana.

Egypt Covington

Evans told police he pointed out which home was going to be burglarized but did not want to participate in the crime and was not involved.

"He struck the match which led to the fire that extinguished her," Egypt's father, Chuck Covington, said during Evans' sentencing.

Evans said he drove by the home and pointed out which one was the correct one. Timothy Eugene Moore, Shandon Ray Groom, and another person were allegedly in a truck behind him.

Evans also claimed he explained which door the men needed to enter.

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However, Groom and Moore are accused of entering the wrong side of the duplex, where they found Egypt watching a movie and killed her.

"Although the boy at issue today was not the one inside her home, was not the one who pulled the trigger, he was on the one who initiated the act that ended her life," said Egypt's sister, Jessica Covington.

For years, the case went unsolved until Michigan State Police took over the investigation in 2020 and arrested all three men.

During their victim impact statements, Egypt's relatives noted how Evans did not come forward during the years of investigation.

"Year after year after year he did nothing," Chuck said. "He’s shown that he cannot and should not be part of society."

Before his sentence was handed down Thursday, Evans briefly addressed Egypt's family and asked for forgiveness.

"I’m truly sorry from the deepest part of my heart," he said.

Evans' guilty plea means he will be able to testify against Groom and Moore when they go to trial this summer.

Moore is charged with first-degree murder, felony murder, and first-degree home invasion, as well as four counts of felony firearm.

Groom is charged with first-degree murder, felony murder, and first-degree home invasion, and three counts of felony firearm.

Timothy Eugene Moore and Shandon Ray Groom