Family of 7 whose home has no heat get free repairs

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A family forced to leave their home because they couldn't afford costly repairs to their furnace and hot water heater.
After the story aired, some generous FOX 2 viewers stepped up to make sure repairs were made and hope, restored.

A single mom is trying to take care of her seven children, they are forced to leave their home when their furnace breaks and the pipes burst. But now they are getting the help they desperately need.

"I'm very humbled," said Tranita Brown. "I am very appreciative, I will be doing a lot of praying and a lot of thanking God - because this is God."

FOX 2 introduced you to Tranita Brown and her children - nicknamed "The 7 Js" because all their names start with "J" earlier this week. 

They were staying with a friend and staying warm after their furnace and water tank broke while trying to stay positive.

"It's kind of stressful," said Jessica Brown, 14, "I don't really worry about it. I try not to."

Several FOX 2 viewers contacted us wanting to help.

"We've got to help because it's cold," said Keith Clemons, Jr. "Your daughter just touched my heart."

Tranita’ s 14-year-old daughter Jessica was overcome with emotion during our interview.

Keith Clemons, Jr. owns Ready Rooter in Oak Park.

"As long as they have running water and heat, she can come back home," he said.

So Keith, his cousin Aaron Barnes and his longtime friend Everett Luter are taking on the job, free of charge.

"God always makes a way," Tranita said.

"We're just going to put all new pipes in here for you," said Clemons to Tranita. "We might have to tear some walls out but if everything is busted, then we'll just change it all out."

"Take the whole furnace out," Luter said. "Put in a new furnace ... and turn it on. It will take a couple, three hours."

"We're glad to be here."

Tranita Brown is very grateful.

"It shows there are good people out here," she said. "And that you don't have to be ashamed to ask for help."