Family wants justice for man shot to death talking on phone at home

A family demands justice for a beloved musician killed in his home.

Gary Holcomb, 44, of Detroit was inside his home on Kendall Street near Livernois talking with someone on the phone when suddenly, bullets began flying.

 Two of them hit the 44-year-old, while the person on the other end heard the commotion and gunshots. Holcomb died inside his home. The person who did it, are still out there. 

"He was my best friend, my uncle, we did everything together," said Ciera Milo, the victim's niece.

The emptiness is unbearable after losing their best friend, brother, son, and beloved musician.

"Gary Holcomb was our drummer, but not just a drummer, he was our friend," said Bishop Corychavis, senior pastor at Victory Community Church.

Often, too much to take... for the friends and family of 44-year-old Gary Holcomb of Detroit as every day that passes, the desperate need for answers grows.

"Just speak up because at the end of the day, what if it was your family," said Milo.

Crime Stoppers partnered with Detroit police Friday to help Holcomb's family find the person who took his life.

"We're asking, if you know anything about what happened to brother Gary, please come forward, step up, speak up make us aware, make crime stoppers aware of what happened."

"I want him to know I do forgive him," said father Jeffrey Hall. "I will never forget it, but I do forgive you."

Crime Stoppers is asking for any information you can give, offering a cash reward up to $2,500 for information leading to an arrest.
"You can do it anonymously," Corychavis said. "Make sure if you are that person that did pull the trigger, turn yourself in."

Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP. You never have to leave your name.