Father sentenced for son's shooting with unsecured gun: 'I slipped up or something'

A Detroit father is sentenced to six months in jail after his son was shot by an unsecured gun in the family's home.

Kayvon Barrett's gun was used by his 8-year-old son who accidentally shot in the head  - but survived - inside the Snowden Street residence.

Prosecutors say the father, Kayvon Barrett had multiple guns and several live shells lying around. They added that Barrett’s family member testified she’d seen him handle guns in front of the kids in the house.

Police say even after the little boy was shot, Barrett and the other adults who were there, waited 10 minutes before calling 911.

"I slipped up or something," Barrett said in court. "I just really (want) to say I'm sorry."

The judge did not hold back in his response.

"This is outrageous," he said, raising his voice. "And your 8-year-old son will live with the consequences of your 'Slipping up or something,' for the rest of his life."


Barrett also received five years probation and is barred from owning or possessing any firearms in that time.

Kayvon Barrett

Kayvon Barrett