Feds seek max prison time for tow truck king Gasper Fiore

The feds revealed a secret about a major figure in Detroit politics.

The revelation was included in a sentencing memorandum for a key figure in the Macomb County public corruption scandal.

One of the big questions we've all been wondering is, if towing magnate Gasper Fiore would cooperate with the feds. On Thursday we learned the answer - a big fat yes.

To hear Gasper Fiore's lawyer tell it, he is a humble, family man who started with one tow truck. His work ethic made him a millionaire - but federal prosecutors don't see it that way.

Their memo urged a judge to give Fiore a maximum sentence calls him a "prolific bribe payer." They say his bad deeds date back to at least the Kwame Kilpatrick administration, adding, "over the past two decades there was virtually no public official whose palms Fiore wouldn't try to grease if there was something in it for him or his business."

Fiore finally admitted to bribing public officials, reaching a plea deal in December. But it wasn't known until now, whether his deal required him to cooperate.

We still don't know what Fiore told the feds, but it wasn't enough to stop them from labeling him "an enemy of honest government in Detroit." 

The feds want a judge to give Fiore 21 months behind bars. The judge is scheduled to make his decision on August 2.