Footlocker gives back in honor of employee who was murdered last month

Wayne State student Casey Willis was gunned down last month while sitting in a car with a friend. 

Footlocker, her former employer, decided to honor her by giving back to Alternative for girls, an organization Willis was a board member on. 

About 12 girls spent a $100 gift card on clothes and shoes donated by the store. 

Although her family says they are still in shock, her mother, Carol Bush, still saw the bright side. 

"This is the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do I don’t wish this on anyone but on the bright side; it feels good knowing that Casey was such a remarkable person. Casey was definitely for everyone," says Bush. 

Family and friends say Willis was a role model with a big heart, and she always went out of her way to help others. 

"It’s important to celebrate life, and thinking about how important this organization was to Casey and her family being here and being supportive of it is really heartwarming," said the Marketing Director of Footlocker Donald Dudley. 

Police are still investigating the murder, and her family is still grieving, but the girls say they are grateful for the opportunity to have new things. 

"I feel like I’m shopping with her and for her, because it’s in honor of her without her being such a good person, I don’t think we would have gotten in today," says Cassidy Hill, a peer educator for Alternatives for girls.