Former Mike Morse paralegal says he grabbed her breasts at company Christmas party

A fourth sexual assault lawsuit has been filed Wednesday against high-profile attorney Mike Morse.

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger announced the fourth lawsuit, which has been in a series of lawsuits filed since mid-May. The lawsuits all allege sexual assault against Morse.

The fourth suit, specifically, alleges Morse sexually victimized his employee at the law firm's Christmas party.

The plaintiff says she was sexually assaulted by Morse during their 2015 Christmas party at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. The plaintiff says Morse came behind her and grabbed her breasts as she was speaking to colleagues.

Morseo, the plaintiff says she reported the incident to the firm's Human Resources Department, but says she was told their "number one priority was to protect Morse's reputation."

The plaintiff eventually left her job at the firm, and was offered two weeks' pay if she signed a non-disclosure agreement. She refused and says she was threatened by Morse that he could make it difficult for her to get a job anywhere else.

The plaintiff is seeking $20 million in damages.


The first case, which seeks $10 million, was filed earlier this month. That suit claims a woman was sexually assaulted at Steven Lelli's On the Green this past April.

The plaintiff of that case claims Morse groped her breast while taking a selfie, and that afterward Morse and the restaurant owner attempted to persuade her against going to the police.

Morse held a press conference the same day that suit was announced, saying:

"I am standing here to tell you there is no truth to these allegations. There are multiple witnesses who were present at the time who observed that I did not touch this woman as alleged. This lawsuit is complete and utter nonsense. I will vigorously defend myself against these false claims."

The second lawsuit, which seeks $15 million, was filed on behalf of Morse's former employee, who says Morse assaulted her both verbally and physically while she worked at the firm.

It alleges Morse sexually assaulted the plaintiff by groping her breasts, touching his groin to her rear, and wrapping his arms around her on various occasions. The document also details lewd statements Morse allegedly said to the plaintiff. It says that the statements and the physical touching was done without permission or invitation on the law firm's premises.

Morse issued a statement on the second lawsuit:

"The individual was employed as a receptionist for about 18 months until she was terminated for cause on April 7, 2017.  She never made a complaint during the time she was employed at my firm. I employ approximately 145 people, about half of whom are women. I have been in business for two decades and I have never been sued. I am not going to continue to participate in Mr. Fieger's media circus, or his bid to attract more attention to himself and encourage baseless lawsuits. These matters will be handled in court."

The third lawsuit alleges the plaintiff was also sexually assaulted by Morse on a vacation in Miami. She had never met Morse before and met him through one of her travel companions. She stated that Morse reached into her shirt and grabbed her breasts.

The third plaintiff is seeking $17.5 million.