Founders Brewing Co. introduces bourbon barrel-aged ale Highland Drifter

The newest brew from Founders Brewing Co. is an 11% ABV aged in bourbon barrels.

Bourbon cocktails inspired Highland Drifter, a beer with flavors of caramel, vanilla, dried fruit, spice, and hints of cherry and bitter orange peel.

"Bourbon cocktails are a favorite around here, and I find that pretty inspiring," said Jeremy Kosmicki, Founders brewmaster. "So, we hand-selected some of our very favorite bourbon barrels and brewed up a rich, malty ale to lay down in them. We garnished it with the sweetness of cherry and the bitterness of orange peel, and voilà… our latest inspiration coming to a bottle shop near you."

The beer is the second in the Bottle Shop Series. It follows Nemesis, a barleywine-style ale brewed with roasted malts. The series is described as one for the "distinguished beer connoisseur" who supported brewers when craft beer was just getting started.

Highland Drifter will be available in the Grand Rapids and Detroit taprooms July 30. The beer will hit stored in August and be available through the end of the year.

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