Four men in their 20s killed in deadly crash on I-96 after speeding Yukon loses control

The driver and three passengers killed in a major crash on I-96 in Detroit on Sunday have been identified as four men in their 20s. 

The driver was 21-years-old and the passengers were ages 22, 25, and 20. 

Michigan State Police are continuing the investigation into the deadly accident that shut down the Metro Detroit highway Sunday night and left wreckage across all lanes of traffic. Images from the scene showed the obliterated remains of a GMC Yukon that lost control and struck a bridge pier near Grand River.

In an update at 8:42 p.m. police said witnesses saw the Yukon traveling at a high rate of speed before impacting the median. All four victims were ejected from the vehicle. 

The mangled remains required hours to clean up.

"Once again a drivers decision to drive recklessly cost lives on our roadways." said Fist Lt. Mike Shaw with the Michigan State Police. "This decision will not only affect those families involved but also witnesses and first responders on scene. Please drive responsibly. Lives are at stake."

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Police released the ages of the victims Monday morning and said an autopsy report was pending along with a vehicle inspection.