Free expungement fair at Ypsilanti marijuana dispensary offers help clearing cannabis records

Start the process of clearing cannabis offenses from your criminal record this weekend in Ypsilanti.

An expungement fair will be held May 1 from noon to 4 p.m. at The WellFlower marijuana dispensary. 

Misdemeanor marijuana convictions involving behavior that is now legal, such as possessing marijuana, can be expunged now. 

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Michigan-based Scout Cannabis Co. and the Great Lakes Expungement Network (GLEN) partnered with the dispensary and the city to host the event. It is a celebration of a new collaboration between Scout and GLEN where products will raise money to help people expunge cannabis records.

The expungement process includes fingerprinting. The City of Ypsilanti is waiving fingerprinting fees through May 7. Once you register for the expungement fair, this can be arranged. 

Register here.