Get Comfortable: Bell's partners with Georgia brewery for beer that gives back

(Photo: Creature Comforts)

Michigan-based Bell's Brewery collaborated with a Georgia brewery to craft a beer that will raise money to help others.

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Creature Comforts partners with breweries for the Get Comfortable beer. The 2022 beer is brewed with Carolina Gold rice and features Centennial hops from Bell’s selected lots as well as Simcoe, Cascade, Strata, Amarillo, and Mosaic hops. 

All proceeds from the cold IPA will go to the Get Comfortable Fund, which supports charities in the Athens, Ga. area. The brewery's current focus is improving third grade literacy. 

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"It has been an absolute honor to work with this world-class brewing team and I had a blast helping bring this beer to life," said Andy Farrell, Bell’s Brewing Innovation Manager. "This is an incredible, community-driven initiative that will have an enormous impact on so many. This style has really taken off and I am looking forward to sharing our take on it."  

The Get Comfortable series was started in 2015. Creature Comforts has also worked with Sierra Nevada, Allagash, and Russian River.

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"Literacy is more than just an educational issue," said Matt Stevens, Creature Comforts’ Senior Director of Strategic Impact. "Studies show that the prevalence of early literacy has either positive or negative long-term effects: contributing to increased employment and economic development on the one hand, or predictive of poverty and incarceration on the other. While Get Comfortable has historically focused its efforts on local relief programs, our Advisory Council and focus group this year encouraged us to shift our energies further upstream—to development and prevention initiatives—in the hopes that an earlier, hyper-focused intervention would produce more lasting effects."  

The beer is coming soon.