Great Lakes Water Authority says partial power was lost at Detroit Bluehill pump station earlier Friday

Another round of heavy rain and another Metro Detroit water pumping station suffered power issues, according to the Great Lakes Water Authority. This time a partial outage hit the Bluehill Pump Station on Detroit's east side Friday.

The GLWA said in a statement that a response team was sent to the station, located at 17145 Mack Avenue.

"The team quickly initiated the emergency generator and worked closely with the energy partners to resume full operations of the pump station. Power issues are resolved, and the pump station is operating as designed. 

"GLWA will conduct an after-event analysis and work with the residents in the tributary system to determine the flooding was experienced."

According to the water authority, the Conner Creek and Freud pump stations are operating as designed with available capacity and that water levels are below the mark that would result in basement flooding.

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"The current rain event began with an intense early rainfall. There are some reports of flooding in localized, isolated areas and particularly on the freeways," the statement said.  "If residents believe their local water/wastewater service provider caused damages or injuries, they should file a claim with their local provider. If residents believe the regional system caused damages or injuries, please file a claim with GLWA here."

CLICK HERE to file a claim with the Great Lakes Water Authority.

In the last heavy rain event June 25-26, the power supply went out at the Freud station leading to an issue with pumps. The Great Lakes Water Authority did not say if the partial power outage impacted pumps today at Blue Hill Pump Station.

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Also in the last heavy rain, the Conners Creek pump station lost house power impacting building lights, access gates, control system.