Group behind 8 Mile racial profiling billboards planning march Saturday

The group behind multiple billboards on Eight Mile Road encouraging citizens to share their stories about racial profiling will be demonstrating in Detroit Saturday.

 The Racial Profiling Across Eight Mile Committee is responsible for both the billboards and the weekend protest. 

Saturday's march plans to start as a rally on Dequindre and Eight Mile Road at 1 p.m. before marching toward Woodward. 

It will feature residents who have been victims of racial profiling, as well as community leaders organizing for Black lives, a release from the group said. The event's purpose is to "build unity across Detroit and the suburbs to oppose racism, racial profiling, and police abuse, harassment, and brutality."

"Warning Racial Profiling Zone: Share your story ~ 313.883.9121 read one of the many billboards. 

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"We want people to share their stories and to reach out to us, to explain what the harassment and the targeting has been like," said Allen Denard. "Of course we hope that we can stop this overpolicing, because that is the end goal. But we need people to be aware that this is still an ongoing problem."

Not everyone agreed with the placement of some of the billboards. That includes Luke Londo, a City Councilmember at Hazel Park who called the group funding the billboards "super irresponsible."