Half-sunken 54-foot boat stuck in Detroit River for days, 20 people rescued

A 54-foot boat is currently stuck on its side in the middle of the Detroit River, and it's been there since Sunday, July 7.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Detroit, 20 people had to be rescued from the boat as it began sinking – a cooler was left on board, as well as red solo cups in the cupholders. 

And while it is unclear what caused the vessel to sink after midnight on Sunday, it certainly has caught the attention of people on land who are wondering how long it will stay there. It served as an interesting background for those spending the day at the beach on Belle Isle.

"I couldn’t believe there was a sunken boat right outside our apartment," said Detroit resident Chris Strutz.

Many were there to get a first-hand look and take photos of the boat – from fishermen to party boats, the tilted vessel drew a crowd.

During a routine safety boarding of the boat, the station crew noticed the engine compartment was flooded, according to the coast guard. They quickly got all the people off the boat, to safety, as it sank. 

No injuries were reported.

A boom, which is a floating barrier, was placed around the boat. There are no signs of any leaks.

"To see how they are cleaning up the job and make sure everyone is safe is really amazing for our rescuers," said Angie Cargill on Tuesday, a Belle Isle visitor.

The coast guard said they are still working with the owner to find a salvage vessel to tow the boat ashore. No exact timeline has been given for that process.