Harper Woods standoff ends with 2 dead • Gas prices drop 14 cents • Abortion rights petition signatures

Two people are dead following a chaotic standoff with Harper Woods police and a barricaded gunman early Monday.

Officers were originally called to the scene in the 20600 block of Kenosha near I-94 for reports of domestic violence between a couple that lived at the residence.

Police haven't released information on who was deceased, but the medical examiner's office confirmed that two people had died. A baby was also found inside the home and is reportedly okay.

For neighbors, the scene that unfolded was a frightening one as police urged nearby tenants and homeowners to remain inside their basements while officers negotiated with the gunman inside. 

"We heard everything with them telling them to come out with their hands up, they won't be harmed, breaking the glass and just trying to get in," said one neighbor. "It was quite scary."

The scene originally started around 8 p.m. when the domestic violence call came into dispatch. When police arrived, a man inside the home opened fire on police. SWAT teams eventually breached the home, where they found a fire that had been set in an upstairs room. 

Officers also found a woman with stab wounds. 

Witnesses also saw a baby being taken out on a gurney. 

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The ordeal lasted about seven hours. The home now has all of its windows boarded up and evidence of fire damage further up in the structure. It's unclear what happened to the gunman. 

Police interactions colliding with armed suspects reached a fever pitch last week when a Detroit police officer was shot and killed by a man wielding an assault rifle. Chief James White called the incident an "ambush."

Read the latest here.  

Michigan gas prices drop another 14 cents

Gas prices in Michigan are dropping at a dramatic rate, following their rise into record-breaking territory earlier this year. It's part of a countrywide trend that one analyst is calling one of the "steepest declines" ever. 

"The national average tied for its second largest single day drop in the last decade yesterday," said Patrick De Haan, who works at Gas Buddy. The national average is now $4.699 a gallon. "Every day Americans are spending $125 million less on gas vs. 25 days ago."

Michigan's average gas prices are a bit higher - about $4.81 a gallon for regular unleaded fuel. It's 14 cents lower than a week ago. Despite the fall in prices, they still remain well above where they were last year. According to AAA, the cost of gas has dropped 41 cents in the last month - but is still $1.63 higher than it was last year.

Here are some of the highest and lowest prices for gas in Michigan:

  • Most expensive gas price averages: Marquette ($5.00), Ann Arbor ($4.94), Metro Detroit ($4.88)
  • Least expensive gas price averages: Benton Harbor ($4.67), Grand Rapids ($4.71), Traverse City ($4.76)

Here's what AAA has to say about why prices are falling.

Detroit police investigating 12-year-old shot by brother

A 12-year-old boy was injured after being shot by his brother on Detroit's east side. The incident happened Sunday afternoon at around 2:20 p.m. in the area of Alcoy and Fairmount Dr. 

Police say two brothers, ages 12 and 14, were pushing an inoperable go-kart when a dog came out of the woods and approached them. "The story they’re giving us, a dog came out of the woods, 14-year-old went to retrieve an Uzi style weapon under the seat of the go-cart and shot his brother in the ankle," Detroit Police Assistant Chief Charles Fitzgerald said.

Investigators recovered the weapon behind a nearby garage. "The child is in stable condition. He was shot in the ankle, a pretty tough little kid; he was wandering around like nothing was happening. He was taken to St. John’s. hopefully, he’s going to be just fine," Fitzgerald said

Police say the parents are cooperating with the investigation. At this time, police do not know where the child got the gun from. "How a 14-year-old can push a go car down the street with weapon an Uzi style, this isn’t a handgun; it’s an Uzi style with an extended magazine, terrifying," Fitzgerald.

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Group petitioning for abortion rights to submit signatures Monday

Reproductive Freedom for All, the group that is pushing to have an initiative on the 2022 Midterm election ballot, plans to submit its signatures to qualify for the race Monday. July 11 was the deadline to submit 425,059 signatures. 

The group has likely exceeded that requirement, following reports that it has garnered nearly 800,000 signatures. That's one of the highest numbers of collected signatures ever, a sign that abortion will be a driving factor in the upcoming election races.

Currently, there is no law governing abortion in Michigan after Roe V. Wade was reversed by the Supreme Court and a judge suspended a 1931 law that banned the practice without exception. 

The delivery of signatures is expected around 11:30 a.m. at the Richard Austin Building in Lansing. A news conference is also expected.

Read more about abortion's uncertain status in the state here

Man who bought gun that killed DPD officer charged

The Wayne County Prosecutor has charged a 26-year-old man after he allegedly purchased a firearm that was later used in the fatal shooting of a Detroit police officer. 

Sheldon Avery Thomas, was charged with making a false statement in the acquisition of a firearm, later identified as a Draco firearm. Thomas made a virtual appearance in federal court Sunday afternoon and was ordered to be detained until a detention hearing on July 12.

Detroit police first responded to reports of shots being fired on the city's west side in the evening of July 6. A 19-year-old later fired upon a squad car, fatally striking Officer Loren Courts. It prompted outcry from police advocates and law enforcement officials.

A review of records and surveillance video from that day shows that Thomas purchased the Draco firearm and later met with the suspected shooter in a nearby parking lot. 

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  1. West Bloomfield police say their non-emergency lines are down. If anyone needs emergency services from the department, they're asked to call 911 and then have the call routed to the nearest call center. Any pressing non-emergency calls should be sent to (248) 318-9321.
  2. Major ramp closures on I-275 will shut down ramps to eastbound and westbound I-94, beginning Monday. The closures are expected for the next month. It's expected to cause major delays for anyone traveling to the airport. 
  3. Abortion won't be the only proposition on the ballot this election. Promote the Vote 2022 is submitting signatures that would make early voting convenient, while expanding secure drop boxes, and protecting absentee voting. 
  4. Gun control legislation that's expected to be signed Monday by President Joe Biden will have Oakland County's executive in attendance. Dave Coulter is expected to be there, along with Elissa Slotkin, who will bring one of the family members from the Oxford school shooting. 
  5. Navy Week is returning to Detroit this week, with dozens of sailors across the fleet expected to take part in the service's signature outreach program. Detroit was picked as one of 14 locations for the program.

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Slurpee Day is back: 7-Eleven celebrates 95th birthday with drink giveaway, $1 snacks

7-Eleven is celebrating its 95th birthday with the return of Slurpee Day on Monday, July 11, 2022. This year, you can get a free Slurpee at all Speedway and Stripes stores, too.

The free small Slurpee is available through the 7Rewards loyalty program on the 7-Eleven app.

For the past two years, the convenience store chain celebrated Slurpee Day all month long because of the pandemic to avoid large crowds flocking to their stores. This year, the deal runs July 1 - July 11.

The details behind the giveaway are here