Hazel Park man guilty of murdering Jessica White

A man who was accused of strangling a 21-year-old woman and then stuffing her body in an attic has been found guilty by a jury.

Jordan McClanahan was found guilty of first-degree murder and guilty of desecrating a body/mutilation.

Ex-girlfriend says murder suspect joked he could hide body in crawl space

Jessica White disappeared in April of 2016. In the initial days, she was presumed missing and McClanahan, a long-time friend, helped loved ones look for her. McClanahan's father eventually searched their attic crawl space and discovered the body a couple weeks later. Authorities say McClanahan confessed after that.

Authorities say McClanahan strangled White with a belt around her neck and then cut off her finger tips with a bolt cutter.

"Guilty of homicide, murder first degree premeditation," the jury forewoman said.

Police: Man strangled, cut off fingers of Troy woman

McClanahan showed no signs of emotion during the verdict while White's family can be seen in tears.

Earlier in the day, closing arguments were delivered with the prosecutor giving graphic details about what happened.

"She was laying on her back and I pulled tight the noose and I watched her die," Prosecutor Jeff Hall said, quoting McClanahan.

Hall reiterated that McClanahan still has no remorse after confessing to strangling White with a belt and even charactarized her remains as a back of excrement.

Missing woman found dead, suspect to be arraigned Thursday

McClanahan admits he killed White, his longtime "friend with benefits", the early morning of April 23rd and then admitted to having sex with the dead body.

McClanahan blames a mix of various medications and alcohol for his actions that night. He says he panicked and regrets what he's done.

"There was nothing in that interview that indicated that his plan was to pick up Jessica and murder her that evening," his defense attorney Raymond Correll said.

Prosecutors convinced the jury that McClanahan had the blue tarp he wrapped White's body in, ready before he stuffed her into an attic. As her helpless family looked on, McClanahan admitted to cutting off her fingertips with a bolt cutter.

"The defendant had 2-3 minutes as he strangled jessica to deliberate and weigh pros and cons of what he did. He's guilty of premeditated murder," Hall said.

McClanahan will be sentenced next month to life in prison.