Health experts say they worry about the spread of COVID due to increased travel during Spring Break

After the Cousino family vacation got canceled last year due to COVID, the family returned from Florida Saturday after spending a week in the sunshine. 

Third-grader Levi Cousino says, "We had to wear a mask the whole time, and it felt a lot different."

All of the family adults are now vaccinated, which is why the family says they were comfortable taking the vacation. 

"Everybody wore masks all the time; yeah, and they made sure it was pulled up the way, yeah," says grandmother Jan Cousino. 

Experts say the Cousino family is at low risk for contracting COVID because all the adults are vaccinated, and children generally have a low chance of getting sick. 

However, Dr. Matthew Sims, the Director of Infectious Disease Research at Beaumont Health System, says experts are still worried about the spread of the virus for those traveling that have not been vaccinated. 

"Now you have people coming together from all over the county, and you have different variants in different parts of the county," says Sims. 

The Cousino family says they have peace of mind because they are vaccinated they still keep the rise in cases in the back of their head.