Health inspections show problems still linger at Como's in Ferndale

A popular restaurant in Ferndale has had its license revoked over health code violations -- and it's not the first time.

Como's could be forced to close again. Recent health inspections show big problems are still lingering at the restaurant, not even a year after its grand reopening.

Last fall, the long-time pizza restaurant was shut down because of multiple healthcode violations. Reportedly, recent inspection reports from the Oakland County Health Department show Como's still isn't complying with food safety standards and practices.

"It is very unsettling because I do know that the food, once they reopened, was really good. So, it it makes me - it's disappointing. Definitley disheartening that the cleanliness and all the upkeep isn't being met," says Bre Williams.

In 2016, some of the issues included improper food storage, expired food being served, a lack of handwashing access and smoking inside food prep areas. Last week, Como's learned their license was revoked again for repeating some for the same violations.

The owner of Como's walked away from our questions. But the pizza cook, who wanted to stay anonymous, feels they are being unfairly cited.

"A lot of stuff he is writing us up for is bull----," he said. "The health department expects you to clean up right away when you are done prepping, but, if you are doing other things like cooking, you can't. I mean, you don't have time to do it until you get a break from cooking."

Como's remains open pending an appeal, and we saw loyal customers at the restaurant, still ordering their favorites.

"My friend, I called her before we came here and she was like, 'No, no, no; don't eat there.' I said well, we just ordered our food so we'll find out," Tori Kurtzhals said.

Como's also temporarily closed in 2015 for liquor license violations.

Como's has seven days to appeal their most recent license revocation.