High gas prices have Michigan drivers weighing alternative transportation means

The numbers appearing at the gas pump are some of the most jarring they've ever been: $5.22 a gallon in Michigan, prices up 87 cents in a month, and costs up $2.05 since last year.

The dollar signs climbing for Charles Payne are even scarier.

"It’s about $120-$130 to fill up. I’m avoiding it because who wants to pay that every couple weeks?" he said, standing next to his SUV. 

"The frustration I have is that those in power have no consideration for the workingman. They just keep going up and up and up and it's frustrating for me and I know I’m not the only one who’s frustrated," Payne said. 

Residents may be going to and from work in their car. Some need it for errands. And then there are those whose job is driving. 

"I do Uber and Lyft as a side job - I don’t have enough right now. I’m not making money because the gas is expensive," said one ride-sharing app driver.

Data from Triple A continues to show rising costs. And with the summer travel season kicking in, those prices don't look likely to drop anytime soon. It's become the latest consumer cost that has burdened residents already beleaguered by public health concerns and supply shortages. 

Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow got some flak from conservative figures over her praise of electric vehicles during the latest wave of high gas prices. But she's not the only one considering other forms of transportation that don't include a gas pump.

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"It’s kind of hard. I might have to get my bicycle out and start riding my bike or something. It’s kind of hard to even support your family," said Willie Jones, a driver.

"Actually, I thought about getting an electric vehicle. As of right now I’m putting E 85 in just because I don’t wanna pay the $5.29 for gas," said Payne. 

Some are just making budget cuts to makeup for the cost of gas since it's a necessity to have to move around.