'I should have gotten vaccinated': Metro Detroit woman hospitalized day after COVID-19 diagnosis

Anita Neighorn has been hospitalized at Beaumont Royal Oak since she was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week.

Neighhorn, who has asthma, was admitted to the hospital the day after she tested positive for the virus.

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"I had issues with breathing. It felt you couldn’t breathe. You're achy all over. It feels like someone ran you over," she said. "Having previous conditions is dangerous anyways."

Neighorn wasn't vaccinated when she caught the illness. Now she is pushing for others to take the vaccine.

"I know COVID-19’s severe, but I got this. All I can say is it’s really important to get vaccinated. I should have gotten vaccinated. I didn’t think I would catch it," she said.

She said her family and friends were scared. They have been supportive of her during her COVID battle.

"They’re going to get their vaccinations. Some are iffy on it," she said. "Because they want me to be able to be around them, they’re going to do it for me."

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Jacquelyn Unger, the clinical nurse manager at Beaumont Royal Oak, said the hospital is seeing more patients with COVID.

"It’s 50/50 vaccinated patients versus non-vaccinated patients," Unger said. "Unvaccinated patients, they are sicker."

Unger said unvaccinated patients require a higher level of care and more oxygen than people who have been vaccinated.

Medical experts say you should still get the COVID vaccine even if you've had the virus. Speak with a doctor about when you should receive it after being sick.