'I'm running for governor!'; Protesters clash with James Craig during scheduled gubernatorial announcement

James Craig's planned speech on Belle Isle where the former police chief was expected to announce his candidacy for governor was derailed after protesters gathered at the podium.

Craig had planned to announce his candidacy amid months of laying the groundwork for the race. But when he was scheduled to speak, dozens of people from Detroit Will Breathe crowded around the scene, chanting against him.

Craig still managed to make a short appearance in an effort to break through the noise, saying he was running for governor.

"I've got one thing to say, I'm running for governor," he shouted into the microphone over chants and air horns.

"I'm running for governor of the state of Michigan. Running for governor of the state of Michigan. Let's go."

Then, followed by protesters, he walked back into his vehicle.

Craig and Detroit Will Breath have clashed in previous exchanges over Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 when demonstrators came to Detroit. While Craig took credit for keeping peace and relative quiet during the protests, the demonstrators argue he overlooked their demands and used excessive force during the clashes.

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Some of that rhetoric was on display again Tuesday when chants denouncing Craig got louder as the morning continued. 

"Hey hey, ho ho, James Craig has got to go!" went some of the chants. 

Shortly after the disruption, Craig told FOX 2 that the Department of Natural Resources was supposed to be at the location to be in charge of crowd control, but said they never arrived in time to complete their task.

However, a DNR spokesman said that's not their job and they only manage the park. He said it was misinformation to say otherwise. 

Later on Tuesday in a text message FOX 2 obtained., a Craig campaign spokesperson said the DNR was not to blame.