'I'm thinking danger': Detroit grandmother worried about large hole near home

A large hole in the ground near her Detroit home has a grandmother concerned for the safety of her grandchildren.

"I’m thinking danger, just utterly danger, especially for the children," Gloria Spears said of the hole on Superior Street near Chrysler Drive. "I have three small grandchildren here."

Spears fears her grandchildren or other children could get trapped in the hole.

"I see the school bus that drops the children off along this Chrysler Drive where the children have to walk alongside this hole here," Spears said. "It looks at least, I’ll say 10-12 feet. That’s deep."

FOX 2 contacted the city, which said in a statement:

"This is a private street within an apartment complex. We temporarily have made it safe and will hold the owner of the property accountable until a permanent fix can be made. There were no prior complaints but when we found out we immediately responded due to the public safety issue."

Spears said she hopes the fix comes soon.

"Hurry, as soon as possible to get this fixed and taken care of because I would hate to see something happen to a child or anyone for that matter," she said. "It looks like a body could be down there."