'I'm tore up': Parents of 3 men killed in violent I-96 crash say they didn't know driver

The parents of three victims killed in a crash on I-96 in Detroit on Sunday say they don't know who the driver, who also died, was.

"I'm hurt and I'm pissed," said Loreal Hughes, the mother of Kharle Hughes and Jamal Gilbert. "I don’t know, don’t even care because at this point, I feel like you killed my kids and their best friend."

Her sons were with their best friend, Shane Livingston, and a 21-year-old man who was driving. Witnesses reported seeing the driver speeding in a Yukon before crashing into the wall.

Shane's father, Sean Livingston, said his son wasn't expected to survive when he was hit by two vehicles while walking with his mother in 2015. He made it, only to be killed in a violent crash years later.

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"I buried my wife in 2015, and he was involved with the accident with her, and he wasn’t supposed to make it," Sean said. "I'm tore up through. I'm being strong, but I've got my times of breaking down."

Sean said he also didn't know the man driving Sunday.

"I didn’t know him, some guy they met working with him," he said.

Sean said his other son was supposed to be with the group that day, but wasn't.

"If he had left with the group he would have been with them, too. It would have been five instead of four," he said.

An investigation is ongoing, and police are awaiting the autopsies. 

In the meantime, Loreal said she wants to clear up rumors she has seen on social media.

"Everybody commenting and saying everybody was drunk, no they wasn’t. The driver was drunk, and you killed my kids and their best friend," she said.

GoFundMe pages have been set up for Shane and Kharle and Jamal.