Jasmine Moody: 9 years after mysterious disappearance, frustration boils over for all involved

In December 2014, Jasmine Moody was visiting a friend in Detroit. That was the last time she was seen. The Texas teen was just 19 when she arrived in the Motor City - but where she went is a mystery.

Even thought it's been more than 8 years, community members of Detroit haven't forgotten her story. 

She was visiting another woman, Brittany Gurley, who lives in Detroit.

"She met a young lady name Brittany Gurley," said Malik Shabazz. "They fell in love."

But something went wrong. During her visit, on Dec. 4, 2014, the two women got into an argument.

Brittany and her family told police Jasmine put on a hoodie and walked out of the house and has not been seen since.

Nearly a decade later, the search continues for Jasmine. On Friday, that led activists to Brittany’s family home, where Brittany's sister answered the door.

"We all cared about her. She walked out of this damn house and wasn’t seen again and now this is what we’re dealing with," Brittney's sister, Dajiona Gurley, said.

Shabazz wants answers but the family says they don't know where she is.

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The Gurley Family says they called police when Jasmine went missing and now Brittany, who doesn't live in the home, is being harassed.

"Someone randomly pulled up on her, and put a gun in her stomach and told her we should take you and your babies life like you did Jasmine," her mom, Sonia Gurley said.

"I get tired of this they treating us like we’re f****** criminals we didn’t do nothing to that girl," Dajiona said.

As Detroit Police continue searching for Jasmine, Shabazz and others activists are praying for answers and peace. 

Jasmine Moody