Jim Matthews murder: More details emerge about why suspect was at home, what happened during attack

New details are emerging about the murder of WWJ anchor Jim Matthews, including what happened before and after the crime.

Matthews was killed Sept. 23 at a home in Chesterfield when he was hit with a hammer and stabbed, while his girlfriend and their two children were hurt.

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According to the case file, Matthews was at work when his girlfriend Nichole Guertin invited the suspect Arthur Williamson into the couple's home around 4 a.m. When she told him it was getting late and her boyfriend would soon be home, Williamson allegedly "lost it."

Guertin said she heard Williamson attack Matthews when he got home, the court file said.

Jim Matthews

Williamson also allegedly stabbed Guertin in the neck and assaulted her 10-year-old son. He was found tied up in a closet with closed head trauma, while Guertin was tied to a chair. According to the file, she was able to cut herself free when Williamson passed out after the attack.

Guertin claimed Williamson told her after the attack that he did not want to die a pervert, and he was going to sniff as much cocaine as he could. 

Police later found Williamson shirtless and foaming at the mouth with crack cocaine in a plastic bag and a powdery substance on a plate with a razor, credit card, and straw nearby, the file says. He was given Narcan and taken to a hospital.

Arthur Williamson

When asked about the suspect Guertin told one of the responding officers that she and Williamson talked about dating but were just friends. She said he had come over because it was his birthday weekend. Neighbors said they had seen him at the house a number of times. 

In one officer’s report, Williamson allegedly told Guertin that he threw his life away for nothing and that he had planned all of this ahead of time but did not know why.

While recovering at the hospital, Williamson asked a detective, "What happened?" and said that he didn’t remember where he was prior to arriving at the emergency room. According to the file, the investigator asked Williamson if he hurt someone. He looked away, took two deep breaths, and said he needed a lawyer.

He is charged with one count of first-degree homicide, homicide felony murder, two counts of intent to murder, and three counts of unlawful imprisonment.